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Election Season officially starts and Google is there

January 3, 2012 mainly news aggregation so far but there is a “toolkit to help campaigns engage” and a trending searches widget. Maybe it will be helpful to some candidates, but will it help the dream of the 90’s to live on in Portland?

- Elsewhere -

Ron Paul has a secret plan to win and it apparently isn’t all based on racism, antisemitism and general craziness -

Paul is following the roadmap set by Barack Obama’s 2008 strategy: Start early, learn the rules, and use superior organization and devoted young supporters to dominate the arcane but crucial party procedures in states your rivals are ignoring — states where caucuses and conventions that elect the delegates who will ultimately choose the Republican candidate.


Those states together will award 419 of the 2,286 delegates who will choose a nominee in Tampa in August. They operate under complex, individual rules that favor the prepared. In Idaho, for instance, voters will gather in 44 county caucuses, each of which delivers a vote weighted by its size. Those caucuses will conduct run-offs until there are only two candidates left, and if any candidate gets over 60% in a caucus, he gets 100% of its vote. Any candidate winning more than 50% of the state’s weighted vote wins all 32 of Idaho’s delegates — more than will be awarded to all the candidates in Iowa combined.


Speaking of caucuses – Today is the Iowa caucus and Ron Paul is in position to win it. I wish I could say that they absolutely don’t matter but unfortunately they do. In the last 9 elections 66% of the time the winner of the caucus becomes the party nominee, that carries over to the democrat side too.

More Music for the Masses

December 15, 2011

The Gossip – Heavy Cross

The Gossip – Your Mangled Heart

Referred from the comments – another Musical Interlude not #OWS #OccupyWallStreet approved

December 8, 2011

Madison Rising – Walking Through That Door

Never heard them before but I like this song. Thanks Zack

(Another plus the #OWS types apparently don’t want them at Zucotti Park, at least that’s the version I am going with)

Musical Interlude

December 6, 2011

Black Keys – Little Black Submarines

This kind of says it all – “I renew 13 licenses here every year just so I can spend money in this city.”

December 5, 2011

Yesterday a Kennewick, WA man auctioned off a business he had spent 25 years building up because the tax burden had gotten too high -

Bertsch, 65, said he is down-sizing because the tax burden got too expensive to stay in business.

“I am tired of carrying all the tax load,” Bertsch said. “I renew 13 licenses here every year just so I can spend money in this city.”
Bertsch told a friend at the auction he is selling out because government was taking more out of his business than he was.

I’m glad the government is doing all it can to encourage small business hiring.


Musical Interlude

December 3, 2011

The Golden Age

Tonight I’m Loving You

Instead of disbursing dispersing the #OccupyWallStreet protesters why don’t we offer alternative locations #OWS

November 27, 2011

#OccupyIslamabad and #OccupyKarachi both have a nice ring

(I’m teasing here. I strongly disagree with most of the occupiers but I still maintain it is their right to protest and if that means they occupy a park for awhile I can live with that)


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