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This kind of says it all – “I renew 13 licenses here every year just so I can spend money in this city.”

December 5, 2011

Yesterday a Kennewick, WA man auctioned off a business he had spent 25 years building up because the tax burden had gotten too high –

Bertsch, 65, said he is down-sizing because the tax burden got too expensive to stay in business.


“I am tired of carrying all the tax load,” Bertsch said. “I renew 13 licenses here every year just so I can spend money in this city.”


Bertsch told a friend at the auction he is selling out because government was taking more out of his business than he was.

I’m glad the government is doing all it can to encourage small business hiring.



Musical Interlude

December 3, 2011

The Golden Age

Tonight I’m Loving You

Instead of disbursing dispersing the #OccupyWallStreet protesters why don’t we offer alternative locations #OWS

November 27, 2011

#OccupyIslamabad and #OccupyKarachi both have a nice ring

(I’m teasing here. I strongly disagree with most of the occupiers but I still maintain it is their right to protest and if that means they occupy a park for awhile I can live with that)

Hey, good news #OWS ( #OccupyWallStreet ) has economics videos available now

November 27, 2011

Available here

Shoot all the lawyers

November 24, 2011

then bayonet the MBAs.

From – Steve Jobs lays out everything that is wrong with corporate America in two paragraphs:

salesmen are put in charge, and product engineers and designers feel demoted: Their efforts are no longer at the white-hot center of the company’s daily life. They “turn off.” IBM [IBM] and Xerox [XRX], Jobs said, faltered in precisely this way. The salesmen who led the companies were smart and eloquent, but “they didn’t know anything about the product.” In the end this can doom a great company, because what consumers want is good products.

Add in outsourcing and the quarter to quarter bonus chase and you can see where it all ends.

Prayers for the masses

November 23, 2011

Dustbury has a nice little matrix of prayers customized to fit an individual’s Meyers Brigg Personality Type.

Mind Numbed Robot gives us “Obama by the numbers”. A graphic reminder of epic failure.

Megan McCardle is not impressed with congressional efforts to control “honest graft”. Neither am I but then again they are politicians so duplicity, graft, and dishonesty are in the DNA.

Looking at the search results that are bringing people here I find that the number one result is still Denise Milani, number two surprisingly is Patti Ann Brown. Number 3 is almost always some variation of shemale – currently hot shemale, but you can throw just about any modifier you want in there and at some point it will turn up in search.

In celebration of these results –

Denise Milani

Patti Ann Browne

There’s a place downtown where you can throw me like a lineman

November 21, 2011