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In Re: Police Militirization

August 14, 2014

Over at Bring the Heat Bring the Stupid XBradTC addresses militarization of the police, as does Instapundit.  I find Brad’s piece a bit more compelling that Instapundit’s which, in my opinion, is just regurgitation of the standard libertarian ‘no government’ line.  Both seem to equate the possession of weapons and training in their use as a root cause of incidents like that in Ferguson, MO,, a stance that seems dangerously close to that of hard core gun control fanatics who seem to believe that the mere existence of a gun will lead to it’s use in a heinous crime, but Brad touches on what I consider the real issue.

Lack of Accountability.

For God knows how long, police, prosecutors and judges, have enjoyed a level of immunity from prosecution that is stunning.  Is it any wonder then that they act like we are lesser citizens who can literally be disposed of as the wish -quoting XBradTC now:

Should you or I in our capacity as private citizens shoot someone, you may be certain that our names would almost instantly be released to the public. Further, we would almost as quickly find ourselves facing questioning by the police. Police officers however, can rest assured that their department will not release their names, nor will they necessarily face questioning under anything like the circumstances you and I would.

That is the problem, and it doesn’t stop with the individual officers.  It continues all the way up through the legal system. 

That isn’t the way it should be. 

First off given the level of power that is entrusted to these individuals they should be held to a much stricter standard than the ordinary citizen, not the looser standard that they enjoy. 

Secondly that accountability should continue up thru the chain.  way back when the world was young and Jenn was a newly minted HM3 going thru Petty Officer Indoc. I was taught that as a leader you were responsible not only for yourself and your actions, but for your subordinates and their actions also.  Somewhere along the way that idea has been lost and now because no one can be held accountable, faith has been lost in the police.  At this point it wouldn’t matter if the victim had been holding a hand grenade and threatening to wipe out half of downtown Ferguson, no one will believe it and the cops have brought this on themselves. 

TLDR:  It’s not the weapons, it’s the thugs with badges who carry them that’s the problem.

(Sorry if this seems disjointed it’s been awhile and I am trying to get used to writing again)






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  1. Ken Summers permalink
    August 14, 2014 8:21 pm

    I second the post

  2. xbradtc permalink
    August 17, 2014 11:12 pm

    Lest anyone think this is the first time I’ve addressed this issue:

  3. September 21, 2014 3:44 pm

    Militirization – fix typo in title – change to Militarization

    Otherwise, well said.

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