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What is America coming to? We punish the ones who work hard? We punish the ones with ambition?

January 25, 2010

Ann Althouse has a post in which she follows up on the Berkeley High School that want’s to cancel science labs because they are full of white kids. The way I am reading the post Althouse supports doing away with the labs –

It seems terrible to pit the hard-working, high-achieving students against the struggling students. You might think all the students are making their choices and getting what they’ve earned, but consider:

[Teacher Philip] Halpern said. “A public school like Berkeley High has an equal obligation to students who have struggled. We shouldn’t be continuing to allocate resources to students who have had them all along.”

As Halpern notes, “Berkeley High is the only high school in town. You get the professors’ kids, the dot-commers’ kids and the kids of the working class.”

but that’s beside the point. What caught my attention was this comment –

Florida said…

What is our country coming to?

I mean, seriously.

We build kick-ass labs and invite every single student to show up.

Then, we punish the ones who show up?

We punish the ones who work hard?

We punish the ones with ambition?

Here’s what we should do: We should tell all the students who aren’t enrolling in science labs that the world needs garbage men.

Somebody has to pick up the trash. It’s a noble profession.

Wal-Mart will always need greeters.

Burger King will always need someone manning the fryer.

And they’re it.

Or, they can go to lab.

It should be their choice.

But teaching someone how to salt fries takes a lot less money for the lab than teaching someone how to clone sheep.

We should not punish scientists just because there are people who aspire to fry cook.

It’s a little harsh but true. Why should everyone be pulled to the lowest level because some don’t want to strive?

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  1. Portlandic permalink
    January 26, 2010 11:40 pm

    Vonnegut, as usual, prescient as hell.

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