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Apparently Ellie Light and her compatriots don’t rate very high

January 25, 2010


This morning I tweeted Jake Tapper about whether he was planning on questioning Robert Gibbs on the Ellie Light issue –

@jaketapper – are you going to ? WH about Ellie Light astroturfing? This seems like typical Axelrod

Later I followed up with a tweet about who else might ask about this –

Sent @jaketapper a tweet asking if he was going to ? Gibbs on Ellie Light. Any other reporters that might have guts too? Major Garret?

and then tweeted Major Garrett

@MajoratWH – are you going to ? Gibbs about Ellie Light astroturfing? This seems like typical Axelrod

Tapper responded that it just wasn’t that big a deal –

@JenniferHunt64 it’s not a question of guts. it’s a question of priorities. there are much bigger issues than letters to the editor.

Major Garrett hasn’t responded.

So I guess that’s a no on anyone actually confronting the White House over this.

Oh well. I guess we will just have to wait for something similar to occur under a Republican administration for everyones outrage meter to peg. This was supposed to be a joke. Awhile back someone made a comment about only being concerned with outrageous outrages. I was definitely NOT implying bias on Jake Tappers part just disappointment that this doesn’t seem to be a bigger story. For the record I respect the work Jake Tapper does and I apologize for insulting him.

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  1. SarahW permalink
    January 25, 2010 10:47 am

    All the same I’d like to have the WH on record denying they have authorized or paid for any similar sort of astroturf efforts, especially since such a program has been suggested by Obama’s advisors.


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