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Andrew Sullivan – “I remain absurdly confident that he (Obama) is on the right path.”

November 24, 2009

Andrew Sullivan moved from one state of delusion to another this morning, writing

His numbers are gliding downward (although not by much), his foreign policy gains are structural and have as yet no tangible results, a critical Mid-East ally, Israel, is doing all it can to destroy his credibility with the Muslim world, his health insurance reform is still not passed, the debt is simply staggering (and the GOP’s willingness to blame it all on him is as shameless as it can be convincing to those who know nothing and think less), etc etc.


I think Obama’s handling of the economic crisis has been about as good as it reasonably gets; I think his handling of Iran is equally adroit; I find his relentless emphasis on reality in Afghanistan a good sign; I suspect the only way to get health insurance reform is the way he has attempted; I think the stimulus was necessary and sufficient; and I think unemployment will be coming down when he runs for re-election. On those issues I differ with him on – accountability for war crimes and civil rights – I can see the cool and cunning logic of his moves so far. The depth and complexity of the problems he faces remain immense. Perhaps he will prove incapable of surmounting them. But his persistence matters here. And we are not yet a year in.

He is strategy; his opponents are tacticians. And in my view, their tactics are consigning them to a longer political death than if they had taken a more constructive course. I could be wrong on all this, of course. History makes fools of us all. But this is my take as of now. And my relief at his being there remains profound.

Between this and your obsession with Sarah Palin’s gynecological history I’m pretty sure you’re around the deep end.


Finally – Fox News Management Fed Up by Mistakes – I like Fox’s actual news programming and Special Report but a great deal of what is broadcast there is just embarrassing. Perfect example is Fox and Friends what a bunch of bumbling nincompoops.

ACORN dumping documents before an investigation?

Hot Air – WaPo reports on East Anglia CRU e-mails, global-warming controversy – Surprising

Moe Lane – Yes. That Lamont primary challenge worked out *so* well.

I cannot resist asking: does anybody over on the Other Side sometimes, ah, regret, aiming at a king – and missing?

I wonder basically the same thing every time I see Lieberman on the news.

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  1. Portlandic permalink
    November 25, 2009 11:14 am

    Climategate: Gotta love it. Not the first time the Global Warming industry’s been caught cooking the books, but definately the easiest to understand. See for details.

  2. jenn1964 permalink*
    November 25, 2009 1:30 pm

    I know. My favorite part is where they cook up the scheme to deny anti-AGW scientists access to peer-review journals. If you are confident in your assertions you dont do that.


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