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Good for Justin Timberlake

November 14, 2011

He actually attended the Marine Corps Ball Friday night.

His stock went up a couple notches in my book.


Surprise, Surprise! Congress is corrupt. Who would have possibly guessed. This story was on 60 Minutes last night also. I am a little disgusted by all the conservatives I have seen commenting that are trying to condemn Pelosi while excusing the GOP participants in this fraud. Wrong is wrong.

Instapundit – WHAT COULD GO WRONG? So America has a President Goldman Sachs, Italy has a Prime Minister Goldman Sachs, and the European Central Bank will now be headed by a former Goldman Sachs banker.

From India? Want to work in India? – Silicon Valley now has job fairs to help you locate work on the mysterious sub-continent.

Newt Gingrich schools Scott Pelley.

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