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#OccupyWallStreet – Windmills are weapons of mass destruction

October 24, 2011

Weapons Contracts

The 1% creates weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts

Start a national dialogue on how to dismantle the war economy, with a goal of hard deadlines and accountability of our elected representatives.

The government should only work with weapons manufactures organized as Non Profits

Create multiple non-profit federal weapon manufacturers.

Create a Federal Public Utility of Renewable Resources which will bid out contracts in the same way and to the same people the defense department does. Except these contracts will be for production of windmills, photovoltaics, and other renewable resource capture products.

Let’s leave aside the whole non-profit ridiculousness, How the hell do windmills and solar cells end up here? It’s a stream of consciousness political platform. Just spew stuff out everywhere. More to the point, the only renewable source of energy that is economically viable at this point in time is Hydro-electric, but we are tearing dams in the pacific Northwest. Why is it viable, because it isn’t as cyclical as wind or solar and instead of having to build battery storage banks the reservoir behind the dam acts as the battery. The other viable source, Nuclear, isn’t even mentioned here. Why? Because these people aren’t really interested in energy independence or the effect of energy on the economy. They are just being fashionable. If they really cared about energy policy and it’s effect on the economy they would be seriously exploring Coal to Gas conversion and exploiting oil sands and oil shale in MT, Wyoming, and Colorado. Gram for Gram hydrocarbons and the internal combustion engine are still the most efficient form of energy transfer available. There are few other sources that have the same energy density and portability/ease of handling. But why let science interfere with a good platform point.

(interesting point, Of course the main author of this document has an MBA in Sustainability Studies, I think you all know how I feel about MBAs and Lawyers (shoot ’em all) but there is a special place in hell for an MBA with a specialization in something like Sustainability studies.


The Telegraph is a bit more hopeful about America’s place in the world than most Americans.

Economic Lessons from Four Nations

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