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#OccupyWallStreet – Mandatory Happiness

October 23, 2011

More from the OWS affiliated The American Peoples New Economic Charter

* Section 2 – Page 11 – Happiness

On Happiness

To ensure that our government is addressing the needs of its tax paying citizens, it should be held accountable for achieving specific __Gross National Happiness__ index target values (see __Bhutan__).

End the war on drugs. Allow each person’s neurochemical balances to be a personal choice. Adopt Portugal’s drug laws.


More and more studies have shown entheogens to produce incredibly positive effects on an individuals health – be it in the form of improved personality, a deeply spiritual experience, an aid in therapy, treating mental disorders, curing users of their addictions to toxic substances (including heroin and alcohol), providing comfort in end-of-life care, expanding consciousness, or for a simple occasion in reverie. Therefore, it is time we end their “Schedule I” classification, and legalize them for personal use.

In addition to the wealth of individual benefits, this would create an all-new important profession – that of the highly trained guide to help individuals through their experience – along with a vast amount of ancillary professions. It would also open up an entirely new field of medical and scientific research.

These substances have also been proven to give already brilliant minds newly profound insights. It is safe to assume that these insights would have remained unimagined otherwise. If we allow our scientists – if they so choose – access to take these substances while working on unrelated research, it may potentially lead to monumental breakthroughs not yet imagined.

I’m sure that the authors of this profound insight were using some of the psychoactive chemicals that they seem so enamored of.

So how exactly will this work? I envision something like a cross between Brave New World and 1984; only instead of Two Minute Hates we will have Two Minute Joys filled with drugs and masturbation and “Everyone will belong to everybody else”. Of course there will have to be an Alpha class to guide us unwashed masses but that’s the price for mandatory happiness.

*I would suggest that the proponents of this idea look up Bhutan and consider so of the differences between it and the United States.

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  1. October 23, 2011 8:51 am

    Brave New World was exactly what I thought of when seeing mandated happiness.

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