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The GOP debacle debate last night

September 6, 2011

OK, I admit I missed the live broadcast. I have to get up at 4am so I was in bed early,, but I was listening to it this morning and honestly I wasn’t impressed. Lots of platitudes, no solutions. Worse from some of the answers the candidates gave I got the idea that they would be perfectly happy substituting tyranny at the state level for tyranny at the federal level, all in the name of states rights. I think it was Hayek who said that simply following the written law or the process of making a law means that you are following the rule of law. That the rule of law is the bulwark of independence and that the purpose of law should not be to proscribe individuals from actions (other than some obvious examples such as murder, arson, larceny and the like) but should provide a rational framework that guides people in how to achieve their goals or desires. I heard a whole lot of proscription and not much rational framework of guidance from the candidates.

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