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Why didn’t I think of this?

December 30, 2010

Google’s viewer graphs the proportion of books over time that contain any word or phrase. A sound scientific hypothesis, Kurzban reasoned, ought to climb steadily over the years, as it is tested, validated, re-validated, and taught. On the other hand, a theory that flunks the reality test should peak and then ebb away as people lose interest in it. Real science should generate rising slopes, while fad notions should be mountains, sloping up and then back down to intellectual oblivion.


Amazing how that seems to work.


Christine O’Donnell under investigation for campaign finance irregularities
. I am trying to recall, did the FEC ever look into the allegations that the Obama campaign purposefully disabled parts of their fund-raisin software so they could accept illegal donations?

HA! I think I have heard complaints like this before…

A major focus of the documentary, and Beck’s television segment, were the Newark Holy Stones. Discovered in the 1860s by David Wyrick, a Licking County surveyor, the stones contain Hebrew writing and are used by some to prove the link between the prehistoric Americans and Old World civilizations. Others, including most archaeologists, believe the stones are a fraud, carved in modern times and hidden in the earthworks for Wyrick to find.

“What the film ‘claimed’ is that these artifacts were controversial: Some accepted them and some don’t,” the documentary’s producers wrote. Beck presented the stones as authentic artifacts during his Aug. 18 broadcast.

“I was blown away!” he said on the program. “I didn’t know the story of these. … Do you live in Ohio, and did you know that? Why not?”

Beck went on to say the stones were purposely kept out of history books by the government and the Smithsonian Institution.

But, Lepper said, “The evidence is overwhelmingly that they are a fraud. And the premise that the Smithsonian or anyone made an effort to cover this up is not factually based.”

Beck’s program did not respond to requests for comment.

Read my lips… DISHONEST HUCKSTER!!!!

Sarah Palin: MK-Ultra Mind Controlled BETA Programmed Sex Slave/Human Laptop on Auto-Pilot – I had no idea. (I honestly can’t decide if this is farce or derangement)

Irony alert – liberals complaining about astro-turfing.

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