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It’s a mystery

December 27, 2010

Dustbury looks at the art of women sitting and is amazed. When I was beginning life as Jenn I was also. It took me a while to master the art of that pose and it still is not comfortable but I have learned some optical illusions that help to deal with it.


Pundit and Pundette look at the FDA’s Avastin decision.

The rising anti-health care fashion is fueled by the realization of those in the know with access to the levers of power that they can buy far more votes spending all that money elsewhere than on health care for the sickest and most vulnerable. Those suffering from cancer and heart disease are too weak and sick to be relentless, effective political advocates. They may well be dead before they can even vote in the next election. Far more votes can be bought spending that money on younger, healthy voters who will be around a long time to work on, contribute to, and support campaigns and the progressives’ Ruling Class political machine. Maybe spend it on more welfare for young families, or on more corporate subsidies for the endless “Green Energy” funding drain.

I call it the political logic of socialized medicine. This is why we see rationing in every other country where the government and politics have taken over the health care system.

It’s not like we weren’t warned – unfortunately while the death panel label attracted attention it also made it much easier to ignore criticism of the health care plan as ignorant overblown hysteria, and so here we sit.

On a related note – The right to care becomes the right to no care


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  1. December 27, 2010 8:54 am

    I used to be able to sit like that (and did it often), until I messed up my hip at Scout camp while I was in high school. The other thing I would always do is curl my legs under me to one side, which also seems to be one of those “women only” ways of sitting. I can still do both, but not for any length of time – my hip starts to ache after a few minutes, and sometimes I can’t even do it at all without real pain. It’s annoying.

    It was never really anything I did intentionally to be feminine (I was neither self-aware enough nor well-informed enough at the time, much to my current regret), I just did it – though I probably picked it up from watching Mom. It really is one of the physical differences between men and women – being slightly double-jointed is probably the only reason I could do it without having to think about it – which is probably the reason it’s such an alluring pose.

  2. December 27, 2010 8:59 am

    “Optical illusions”?

    Is there any way you can give us a hint as to what this involves, without giving away the whole show?

  3. Portlandic permalink
    February 20, 2011 5:16 pm

    UK equality legislation outlawing age discrimination comes into force in 2012 will level the playing field for geezers (err, umm, ‘Seasoned Citizens’) which puts paid to the unsubstantiated rumors recycled in “The right to care becomes the right to no care” linked from this post.

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