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This is just absurd – GOP Pledge to America

September 23, 2010

21 pages of horse excrement.

The first two pages are a deliberate attempt to sound like the Declaration of Independence, unfortunately it fails (badly), and the list of grievances don’t come close to approaching the intolerable acts.

The next 19 pages are repetitive and trite. At Red State they note the contract with America was about 900 words long, this is 21 pages – whats the difference? Well one was an elegant document that addressed specifics. The other is a legislative agenda with no real plan just bullet points thrown in to address specific interest groups.

Want to know how you can tell that this is only about getting elected and not about real change? No where is there a mention of term limits. I guarantee you that if you went out and surveyed any random 1000 people 800 plus of them would tell you that the major problem in America is that politicians only care about getting re-elected, and the one item that would address that is missing. (of course the politicians wouldn’t know that because it would require more than a yes or no answer to a one sentence survey question. It would require a conversation and actually listening to people).

Another indication that this is nothing but cynical politics – No mention of entitlement reform. The number one driver of debt and it is ignored.

The National Review disagrees. They consider it a bold vision. Maybe they are right, but I’ll believe it when I actually see some of the promises put into action.

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