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Judge blocks immigration status checks and ID requirements of Arizona’s immigration law

July 29, 2010

I’m not surprised. I thought this law would run afoul of federal law, and I had some serious reservations about the first go around before the Arizona legislature amended it, but the reasoning seems pretty weak to me. I am not a lawyer so I can’t really comment on all the legal precedent and doctrines, etc. but just the way the judge wrote the opinion makes everything seem like such a stretch. It doesn’t matter much however, AZ is also in the jurisdiction of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals so I hold out no hope for a reversal there, and personally I doubt the Supreme Court will accept the case, so unless by some miracle Arizona can win at the actual trial (highly doubtful) this is where things stand until congress acts.

(NY Times)
(NY Times – Ruling is a warning to other states)
(The Corner – Judge’s ruling is a carefully cultivated fiction that preserves the de facto amnesty that the executive branch has declared)
(Legal Insurrection – Here and Here)


The Damage From the Gulf Oil Spill Has Been Exaggerated

The Redemption of Andrew Breitbart? – At Honesty in Motion GS writes –

All too many conservatives were willing to sell Andrew Breitbart right down the river after the canonization of Saint Shirley Sherrod last week. It really was disappointing to see how the “progressive” thought-crime complex has been able to infect so many minds so completely.

As one of those who “sold Breitbart down the river” I would like to respond; My complaint had nothing to do with Shirley Sherrod and whether or not she is a racist. I don’t really care is she is or not. It has everything to do with whether or not Andrew Breitbart was honest in his presentation of this story. He wasn’t. In his initial story he implied that he had the complete tape of her remarks to the NAACP, he used an obviously edited tape in his story without determining origin or context, when he was caught he pulled away from what he had initially written regarding Sherrod and racism and tried to shift the target to the NAACP. In short he was dishonest in his handling of this story throughout it’s initial phases. That is my complaint against Breitbart and if that means that I have been infected by the progressive media machine then I guess I am infected, but I stand by the assertion I made when this story broke – I will never again trust a Breitbart sourced story without extensive double checking. The fact that he lucked out on this one doesn’t change my view one bit.

The NY Times has a piece on Laura Linney – who I love BTW

California shows the difference between right and left

(I accidentally hit publish earlier so some editing has been done, no real change to content just some reorganization and clean up)

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  1. July 29, 2010 7:52 pm

    You are of course entitled to your opinion. For my part, I’ll say that Breitbart has always been up front about his goals. He wants to bring down the institutional left. He doesn’t claim to be FOX or CNN. He is essentially like you or I, albeit, with an assload of money. He jumped on a story. We’ve all done it. Second, I’ve read and re-read the post, and watched the video numerous times, and really, the only beef I have is that he referred to the story she told as having happened while she was a federal employee, when in reality she merely TOLD the story while a federal employee. She WAS still a state employee, however, when the story took place. Also, he did correct this at the top of the article.

    In terms of the rest of his lead-up to the video, he focuses on the NAACP crowd much more than he does Sherrod. I don’t think he was trying to specifically condemn her. I just don’t read it that way. Also, nothing in what he said or the video itself, edited though it might have been, was factually untrue besides the aforementioned bit about the timeline of the story. She may or may not have had a come-to-Jesus moment; everything she’s said since, and the readily available videos of her husband, imply to me that she did not. Hell, even with the farmers she came around to helping, what’s to celebrate? She did her job. Barely.

    Like you said, it’s really not about Sherrod’s racism. However, I don’t think he really intentionally misled anybody, and there is no evidence that Breitbart himself edited that clip (someone did, just no evidence that it was him). Even with the edits, it merely shows the mindset of Sherrod and the receptive audience for that type of attitude at an NAACP gathering. If you don’t buy the “moral” of her story (I did not, and I suspect that even after seeing the entire clip, neither did Breitbart) then the edited version simply highlights an attitude that is still evidently common enough amongst NAACP circles.

    For what it’s worth, I didn’t have you in mind when I wrote my post. I understood your objections, though clearly, I disagree with them. My problem was those that not only turned on Breitbart as a news source, but were in apologia-mode with the left side of the blogosphere. You think he’s a poor journalist? That’s cool. But those that made him out to be a racist along with Sherrod (and there was plenty of that BS) just really got my goat. I do appreciate your commentary on the issue, and it will make me do some backchecking on certain things he puts out there, but I just don’t see him as discredited.

    • jenn1964 permalink*
      July 30, 2010 6:16 am

      In my opinion the difference between Breitbart and you and I as bloggers is rather profound. We comment on the news (or whatever happens to be on the top of our minds that morning) Breitbart is intentionally making news. That puts him in a whole other category – almost Michael Mooresque in nature.

      I hadn’t really considered the people accusing Breitbart of racism. I heard the claims, but since they were coming from the same people who scream racism if the wind blows the wrong direction one day I just ignored them.

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