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92,000 classified reports on the Afghan War hit Wikileaks

July 26, 2010

As near as I can tell from the newspaper articles there is nothing new in the documents:

1. The Pakistani Intelligence service is helping the Taliban. That has been known for years.
2. The Taliban has been taking refuge in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Again already known.
3. The central government is weak and warlords hold sway over swaths of the country. Known.
4. There is a lot of corruption in both both the civilian and military / police sides of the government. Known
5. Drones are being used a lot. They sometimes crash. Known
6. There are commando units hunting Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders. Known
7. Civilians have been killed.

Nothing new in anything that was reported as emanating from these documents, so why release them? In my opinion it is simply a case of because we can. No grand cover-up has been exposed here; these aren’t The Pentagon Papers (at least at first blush), and wikileaks isn’t doing some noble thing. They oppose the war and they are releasing these documents to try and force politicians to take actions that will be disastrous. The NY Times and the Guardian are playing along to try and appear relevant. Of the articles I read I would say that the Washington Post’s is the most responsible in their presentation.


President Obama is going to appear on The View. Probably because he knows he won’t be asked any sort of question that could possibly reflect criticism, I’m absolutely positive the Elizabeth Hasselbeck will be absent.

The Republican party is determined to cause the biggest financial crisis in world history

My reading of contemporary Republican thinking is that there is no chance of any attempt to arrest adverse long-term fiscal trends should they return to power. Moreover, since the Republicans have no interest in doing anything sensible, the Democrats will gain nothing from trying to do much either. That is the lesson Democrats have to draw from the Clinton era’s successful frugality, which merely gave George W. Bush the opportunity to make massive (irresponsible and unsustainable) tax cuts. In practice, then, nothing will be done.

Indeed, nothing may be done even if a genuine fiscal crisis were to emerge. According to my friend, Bruce Bartlett, a highly informed, if jaundiced, observer, some “conservatives” (in truth, extreme radicals) think a federal default would be an effective way to bring public spending they detest under control. It should be noted, in passing, that a federal default would surely create the biggest financial crisis in world economic history.

Newsweek disagrees with me and believes that the Wikileaks release of Afghan was documents is the new Pentagon Papers.

Surprise! Even JournoListers hate Keith Olbermann

More on Wikileaks – I’d say that so far the documents confirm what we already know about the war:

All 107 known memebers of journolist with their news affiliations

Jake at Curses! Foiled Again! gets on the fair use disclaimer bandwagon. Beware bloggers this is going to be a big thing over the next couple of years.

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