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Sometimes life is sweet…

July 25, 2010

Lying in bed last night and my cellphone rings at about 2 am. I answer it thinking the worst, someone died or is in the hospital, but fortunately it wasn’t that. It was my (idiot(?), loser(?), scumbag(?), I don’t really know how to describe him at this point) ex-boyfriend, the one who broke up with me after 5 years because he wanted a real wife and kids, calling. He wanted to come over and engage in some activity that I won’t describe here. I tried very hard not to laugh out load and I think I mostly contained it, but you could hear him swallow when I said, “Well I don’t have a problem with it but let me check with Mr. X.” He hung up when Mr. X who was barely awake mumbled something that I couldn’t even understand. I told Mr. X about it about an hour ago and he was ready to go kick some butt, but then we just started giggling so hard at how stupid the ex is that he couldn’t go through with it. We went to Starbucks instead.

(OK, to be fair to the ex, he is none of the things I called him above, but he did really hurt me when he broke up with me. It doesn’t help me get into a forgiving mood when he pulls something like this. On second thought maybe he is a scumbag if he is making bootie calls at 2 am when he is in his 40s)

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