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Someone get Sharron Angle some help with the press, Please!!!!

June 18, 2010

If she doesn’t get some help we are going to end up with Harry Reid re-elected. Angle held a press conference yesterday and from the description at Channel 8 News it was a fiasco. Ben Smith at Politico reports that it gets even worse –

The reaction from the Angle campaign was swift. A campaign spokesperson called Nathan Baca “an idiot” and another term that can’t be repeated. The campaign spokesman did say he would detail Angle’s positions, but he refused to answer on camera.

Politico has video, it is exquisitely painful. Channel 8 has an additional 3 minutes of her ignoring the reporter and walking away as the reporter asks repeatedly what she meant about voter anger and 2nd amendment remedies, and campaign workers physically blocking the reporter. Not a good image.



17 Afghani’s have deserted in the US? That didn’t raise any alarm bells? Fortunately according to the military at least some of them have been caught already.

Obama out of his cotton-picking mind. I would actually say he is out of his depth. Remember when Biden said that Obama would face a challenge? Well this is it and he is failing miserably.

This is one of the more ignorant articles I have read lately, but then again it is by Eleanor Clift so what can you expect.

-on the lighter side-

This review of Jonah Hex has me seriously questioning whether or not it is worth seeing –

The only people who deserve to see Jonah Hex are Hitler and the CEO of British Petroleum.


Sometimes, people ask me if they should stick around through the ending credits of a movie for surprises and additional scenes. For Jonah Hex, I’m not sure you should even stick around after the opening credits.

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