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As much fun as it is to make fun of the New York Times…

June 8, 2010

when they publish something like this you have to give them their due.

(A)n examination shows how Iran has used a succession of stratagems — changing not just ships’ flags and names but their owners, operators and managers, too — to stay one step ahead of its pursuers. This cat-and-mouse game offers a case study in the difficulties of enforcing sanctions.

“We are dealing with people who are as smart as we are, and of course they can read our list,” said Stuart A. Levey, the under secretary of the Treasury who oversees the sanctions effort and the blacklist of Irisl and its fleet.

That blacklist simply hasn’t kept up.

Of the 123 Irisl ships listed, only 46 are still clearly owned by Irisl or its United States-listed subsidiaries, according to an analysis of data from IHS Fairplay, formerly Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay, based in Britain, which issues large merchant vessels their unique identifying numbers and tracks them over their lifetime. Four more were scuttled.

The rest — 73 — are now on record as owned and operated by companies that do not appear on the blacklist. The companies are located far from Iran, in places like Malta, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Germany and the Isle of Man. In all but 10 instances, however, records and interviews established definitive links between the ships’ new registered


More Glenn Beck shenanigans – He apparently endorsed a book written by a Nazi sympathizer (Warning: poorly written wikipedia article). When it was pointed out he tried to blow it off like he didn’t really know anything about the book. “He hadn’t looked it up”. That is my major problem with Beck. He cherry picks his facts and doesn’t look any further.

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