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There is just nothing I feel like writing about at the moment

May 26, 2010

So I will write about nothing.

Not a lot happening here. Making plans for Memorial Day. If it’s nice we are going to BBQ. We are looking at 20 or so people we have already made plans to snag one of the fire pits at Golden Gardens. It is a complicated affair requiring multiple two hour shifts but we are talking a major bonfire afterwords so it will be worth it. If it’s crappy we are just going to do something at Mr. X’s house. In that case there will only be a bonfire if the drinking gets out of hand.

Oh, I did see something in the NY Times yesterday that touches on my ongoing argument with The Classic Liberal (among others) about the founders intent – It was called Two Theories of Change by David Brooks and it basically points out that rather than having a monolithic understanding of what America meant the founders were as split as we are. That is one of my problems with Glenn Beck and his version of history. It just isn’t as simple as he presents it.

What else, holding my own on the sales numbers. End of Month dinner on Friday. I am talking my iPod and speakers this time.

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