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I don’t know what they put in the food last night

May 1, 2010

but I woke up this morning and it tasted like someone crapped in my mouth. I know it wasn’t the booze because I was driving so I only had one glass of wine and one beer, the rest of the night I drank water or diet coke.

As I said last night aside from the music the night went pretty well. The biggest hassle was the place was in Everett, which isn’t far as the crow flies but at 5pm on a Friday night it seems like it’s 100 miles. I was late anyway because we had done a demo set-up for a customer and he called right before I was supposed to leave to ask about a feature. It turns out that the one of the modules we left wasn’t exactly what he wanted so I have to go in the morning and replace it. No big deal its two cables, a software activation key and a power cord. It took us forever to get stuff setup yesterday because we had 5 pieces of equipment and the customer kept wanting to move the stuff around. The feng shui wasn’t right :-). Just kidding the gear is bulky and it just took a lot of jiggling to get it right.

FMJRA Stuff later. I am heading to the customers and then down to the Seward park area for a jog.

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