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Newsweek asks – “Can Crist Win by Running Up the Middle?”

April 30, 2010

The consensus among people I talked to in Florida is that Crist had NO hope of winning the GOP primary against conservative tyro Marco Rubio. “This is the only way Crist has any kind of shot,” said Mitch Ceasar, a lawyer and well-connected Democratic activist in Palm Beach County.

It’s clear that Crist, while nominally a Republican, has prospered in recent weeks by moves designed to appeal to Democrats and independents. The chief one, of course, was his veto of an education bill that teachers in Florida saw as anathema. “That veto was tantamount to announcing his third-way candidacy,” Ceaser said. It paid off. According to the latest Rasmussen poll, Crist’s job-approval rating has jumped 11 points in the last month, and now stands at 56 percent—a positive number that is the envy of most other politicians in the time of virulent anti-incumbency.

I am curious about this too. Rush like to say the conservatives running as conservatives win, but I don’t think that is always true. If it was there wouldn’t be so many RINOs in congress. Personally I like Rubio’s stand on issues, but what I like isn’t the point it’s what Rubio can convince the rest of the state to vote for and right now with 56% approval rating I think Crist has the edge. It’s at this point that Reagan’s 80% rule (as I call it) becomes important. It isn’t just about what an individual Senator believes that is important (although that is important) it’s about being able to put a good leadership team in place, and you can only do that if you are in the majority. The Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader control what bills make it to the floor and the rules of debate. Committee chairs serve the same purpose in their committees. If you control those positions you basically control the legislative process. I know, what about someone like Arlen Specter? Well sometimes friends turn into enemies what can I say, at that point you look for a new friend. Specter turned about 3 minutes into the Bush presidency and never looked back.


Sarah Palin Stripper Lookalike Contest will benefit local TEA party.

Apparently, this is not just some run-of-the-mill Palin-themed stripper-palooza, its being run by the man who invented the Sarah Palin-lookalike stripper franchise. And lest you think this is just designed to mock the former Alaskan governor, the Admiral has cordially invited Sarah Palin herself to serve as the main judge. And its for a good cause, too: a portion of ticket sales go directly to your local Tea Party.

Oh-oh Kevin Williamson just peed on the third rail of conservative orthodoxy, first he questions the Reagan tax cuts then he writes –

even during periods of strong economic growth, there has been nothing to indicate that our economy is going to grow so fast that it will surmount our deficits and debt without serious spending restraint. This should be a shrieking klaxon of alarm for conservatives still falling for happy talk about pro-growth tax cuts and strategic Laffer Curve optimizing.

Some people are more sensible about that Laffer Curve talk. Laffer, for instance. Arthur Laffer, whose famous (and possibly apocryphal) back-of-the-napkin diagram launched supply-side tax policy, readily concedes that the growth effects of tax cuts are oversold in the political debate. “Does every tax cut pay for itself? No. I think Irving Kristol wrote that, once — and then did a pretty good job of arguing for it.

I’m pretty sure Rush will spend a pretty good deal of time addressing this today.

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