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Poor Ben Nelson (D-Berkshire Hathaway)

April 27, 2010

He’s stepped in it again

Democrats were surprised on Monday evening when Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) did an abrupt about-face and became the only Democrat to help filibuster legislation to revamp Wall Street regulations.


the optics aren’t kind to the Nebraska Democrat. Earlier in the day, Senate negotiators agreed to remove a provision that Nelson had inserted last week, which would have exempted any existing derivatives contracts from being subjected to new capital requirements. That provision had been pushed by Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., which has $63 billion in existing derivatives contracts and would have to set aside $8 billion to cover potential losses on those contracts if the legislation were to pass.

Nelson was hammered mercilessly during the health care debate for withholding his vote until he secured additional Medicaid funding for his home state. If that led to ridicule from Republicans, it stands to reason that holding out for financial help for one of the richest financial tycoons in the world won’t go over smoothly either.

From what I hear about this bill killing it is probably a good thing, but politically this is probably the final nail in Nelson’s coffin. He just looks like someone who can be bought now.


Once again Obama lies – The administration had a report from the Medicare Office of the Actuary, that reported Health Care Reform would increase health care costs, in hand a week before the vote. It kept is quiet so congress wouldn’t consider it while Obama continued to claim that costs would go down.


Nice article about The Big Bang Theory, which along with Chuck is one of my favorite shows. I wish they were both on the same network, then there could be a Big Bang Theory / Chuck crossover. A Casey / Sheldon confrontation would be classic.

Yesterday was boobquake day. The creator claims it was a failure, but I’m sure a million guys disagree. Personally I think it was unnecessary – If cleavage caused earthquakes then the earth would be shaking whenever Christina Hendricks was in town.

The Classic Liberal on Individualism – We have had this argument before and his interpretation is just wrong. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness derives from Locke’s Life, Liberty and Property, which was laid out in his Second Treatise on Government. In that Locke postulates that man left the perfect state of freedom in nature and surrenders some of his freedom in order to form a state which will protect those three things. He (man) surrenders some individual liberty in order to obtain that protection and ensure greater liberty for all. The Classic Liberal, and others who follow the same approach, essentially advocate individual anarchy, which is a system in which some enjoy perfect liberty but those who are weaker enjoy none or little. As I have said before if you want to see such a system in action look at Somalia.

The CL is a smart guy but I just think he is dead wrong on this aspect.

Henry Waxman is an idiot. Extremely unattractive too.

The real enemy – Powerpoint. Powerpoint didn’t exist when I was in the Navy (thank God) but having sat thru hundreds of marketing meetings with thousands of hours of .ppt slides I can fully empathize.

Unemployment is messing up Obama’s messaging

WASHINGTON – Even as he touts his efforts to put more Americans to work, President Barack Obama faces a public increasingly skeptical of his ability to bring jobs back to Main Street.

During stops in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri, Obama will try to convince voters that his economic policies are working, despite an unemployment rate that’s expected to remain at painfully high levels for months if not years.


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