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Well no one can say that he didn’t warn us

April 5, 2010

What’s interesting is that in this clip he rules out development of Advanced Combat Systems, but here in his article he says he will used advanced conventional weapons as a deterrent. Obviously he is lying.

Reading this interview I predict that the next show to drop will be a dissolving of NATO

And we’re in the process of an overarching strategic review of NATO, its mission, its operations and so forth, and I think this is a perfect setting within which we can examine those issues.

and Israel is going to be thrown to the wolves

Q. Mr. President, you raise a critical question there when you said “nuclear weapons capabilities.” You have said before you could not live with a nuclear weapon state in Iran, and many members of your administration have said that. People have been less specific about whether you could live with a nuclear-capable Iran, an Iran that runs right up to the edge.

A. I’m not going to parse that right now. I think it’s safe to say that there was a time when North Korea was said to be simply a nuclear-capable state until it kicked out the I.A.E.A. and become a self-professed nuclear state. And so rather than splitting hairs on this, I think that the international community has a strong sense of what it means to pursue civilian nuclear energy for peaceful purposes versus a weaponizing capability.

And a weaponizing capability is obviously significant as we evaluate whether or not Iran or any other country is serious about these issues.

Q. The Israelis have a very clear view on this — they say that a weapons-capable state they also couldn’t live with. After your conversations with them over the past 15 months you’ve been in office, do you believe that if Iran stays on the current course and gets to a nuclear weapons capability, they would come to the determination that they would need to use either military action or something beyond sanctions?

A. I’m not going to speculate on Israeli decision-making. I think the United States and Israel and the P5-plus-1 and the international community generally has been very concerned about Iran’s actions and statements over the last several years. And we want to send a very strong message both through sanctions, through the articulation of the Nuclear Posture Review, through the nuclear summit that I’m going to be hosting, and through the NPT review conference that’s going to be coming up, that the international community is serious about Iran facing consequences if it doesn’t change its behavior.

What sanctions? The ones that Russia and China continually veto? For that matter what consequences? You have just announced that we won’t use Nukes to defend ourselves. Is Iran now supposed to believe that we will use them to defend Israel (or Europe for that matter)? And what about defense, since the Missile Defense was scrapped how exactly are we supposed to stop Iran from launching at Israel or Europe. Through the force of Obama’s personality and charm?

The only way that this one act could have caused more damage is if the US actually allowed the Iranians to use Los Alamos to develop and test their nukes and then gave them a few stealth bombers and some missile subs to deliver them with.


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