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Michael Steele Plays the Race Card

April 5, 2010

Michael Steele, whose leadership of the GOP has been filled with gaffes and missteps, is blaming anger over his failures on race and refusing to step down. He’s crazy. If any other GOP leader made the kind of mistakes he has made, they would have been forced out long ago.

Today’s “GMA” interview is not the first time Steele has asserted that his race plays a role in the criticism he has faced as RNC chairman. During a recent interview with Washingtonian Magazine, which took place before the sex-club controversy, Steele said, “I don’t see stories about internal operations of the DNC that I see about this operation. Why? Is it because Michael Steele is the chairman, or is it because a black man is chairman?”


“I think the problem is hypocrisy,” ABC News contributor and former adviser to President George W. Bush Matthew Dowd said on “This Week” Sunday. “It’s not the strip club and all that. It’s Republicans go out there and talk about fiscal responsibility and they talk about family values, and they have a party leader and party officials who go to a strip club.”

Conservative columnist George Will had even harsher words for Steele.

“He has fundamentally misconstrued his job, which is to be the face and the ideological spokesman for the Republican Party,” Will said on “This Week.”


When Steele was first elected as head of the RNC I was supportive, he was presented as a smart, fiscally conservative, guy who could show the GOP how to win. There was talk of a Presidential run at some point. So far he has been, inept, the party has ignored the base in choosing who to support, he is self aggrandizing (remember his book tour) and he makes us look like idiots having him in charge. His race has nothing to do with incompetence and incompetence has nothing to do with his race.

QandO goes with the headline “Incompetence is Color Blind” – That really says it all.


Arlen Specter viewed as model Democrat one year after switch. He was viewed as a model Democrat before the switch too so why is this worth a story?


Terrence Moore is deluded. In his article “Dressing Up Standards, Dumbing Down Schools” he rails against the recently released educational standards developed by the National Governors Association as –

specious pseudo-scientific educationese that talks around the texts of our Western and American tradition but does not resemble in any way their depth of insight into how human beings think, believe, hope, and act. And this very obfuscation occurs for a very good reason. The people who are in charge of our schools, from the assistant principals to the state superintendents, and most of the teachers in them, do not themselves know what the books mean that they are supposed to teach. A false language of “standards” is created to cover their tracks. Those who are in charge of our schools are really not learned men and women. They do not love the great stories of literature or the drama that is history; as a result, they know less about life, and certainly less about real education. Yet their job puts them in charge of literature and history and other subjects. So they have to fake it. Skeptical? Ask your child’s principal or the teachers—or even the curriculum coordinator—whether Stephen Douglas’s doctrine of popular sovereignty had any merit, or what the principal disputes of Washington’s administration were, or whether Milton’s Satan is actually the most compelling character in Paradise Lost, or simply why Jack went up the beanstalk the third time. You will receive a long pause and then be told either that that bit of “information” is not in the state standards or it assuredly will be “covered” if it is in the state standards. What you will not have is a conversation.

and complains that the way to teach literacy is to read. I agree with that part, but Moore and I must have read different standards because where he references hundreds as pages of standards I find 49 with 18 standards for reading and 18 for writing and 8 for Speaking and listening. Some of the specious psuedo-scientific stanadards –

2. Support or challenge assertions about the text by citing evidence in the text explicitly and accurately.

3. Sustain focus on a specific topic or argument.
18. Acknowledge competing arguments or information, defending or qualifying the initial claim as appropriate.

Speaking and Listening
4. Demonstrate command of formal Standard English when appropriate to task and audience.

In addition there is a suggested reading list for each grade through high school. My guess is that Mr. Moore’s ox is being gored so he is outraged for the sense of outrage.

Here are the current California Standards for comparison.


George Soros is funding a new school of economics at Oxford. I don’t know how yet but I am sure this will end poorly.

Drone offensive against Taliban and Al -Qaeda

The strikes have cast a pall of fear over an area that was once a free zone for Al Qaeda and the Taliban, forcing militants to abandon satellite phones and large gatherings in favor of communicating by courier and moving stealthily in small groups, they said.

The drones, operated by the C.I.A., fly overhead sometimes four at a time, emitting a beelike hum virtually 24 hours a day, observing and tracking targets, then unleashing missiles on their quarry, they said.


The strikes have become so ferocious, “It seems they really want to kill everyone, not just the leaders,” said the militant, who is a mid-ranking fighter associated with the insurgent network headed by Jalaluddin and Sirajuddin Haqqani. By “everyone” he meant rank-and-file fighters, though civilians are being killed, too.

I feel sorry about the civilians, but we should be killing all the rank and file also on the nits grow into fleas theory.

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  1. majorscarlet permalink
    April 5, 2010 10:29 am

    Re: Drone strikes.. we used similar metrics to “prove” we were winning in Vietnam. When we lost, we discovered that wishful thinking isn’t a proper metric. As long as they have the will to fight, we haven’t won anything. We have to make them feel defeated. That isn’t happening and won’t happen with drone strikes.

  2. April 5, 2010 6:29 pm

    Honestly, without any evidence, anyone who plays the race card in this day and age should really resign from whatever it is they are using it to defend. American society has advanced to the point where most people don’t really care about race unless someone else brings it up. While I don’t doubt that there are still instances of racism, without any specific examples (even just hints), it generally lacks credibility – and the way it gets overused just makes that worse.

    FYI, and off topic – I have moved blog (Curses! Foiled Again!) over to WordPress. It’s now “”.

    • jenn1964 permalink*
      April 5, 2010 6:31 pm

      Thanks I will update the blogroll

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