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It was a pretty good afternoon

March 31, 2010

Had a last minute technical interview that went superbly. They actually had me do a hands on demonstration of an ESD test which was a little awkward in a skirt and heels but I got it done and I even pointed out that one of their circuits needed a faster ESD diode on it. They were suitably impressed. Unfortunately Mr. X is in Portland tonight so he is going to miss the celebration. Me and Audrianna and two other friends are going to the Buckaroo in Fremont. None of them have ever been which is unbelievable. (The Buck is the bar Heath Ledger is drinking in in “10 Things I Hate About You”) when I first moved to Seattle I lived right across the street and it was a blast. Lots more bikers back then though. Last time I went it was mainly college kids. After that we may hit a couple other places in Fremont. The other two girls are both straight but the want to check out Neighbors. I tend to stay off Capitol Hill but maybe if they are real nice to me I will give in.

Speaking of Audrianna, a bit of bad news. Remember me mentioning the girl and guy she came up here with. Well apparently they are both in jail down in Pierce County. I think the guy was selling meth and she was selling herself. She hit up Audrianna for bail money but she doesn’t have it. I feel for the girl the guy was a total douche and I hope he rots.


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