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Hey NY Times, maybe you should have mentioned this before Health Care Reform was rammed through

March 30, 2010

The NY Times finally gets around to admitting that the Health Care Reform bill will do little to nothing to contain costs or unnecessary care. It might have been helpful if this had been mentioned before congress rammed the bill down our throats. Maybe we wouldn’t be on the path to bankrupting the country with an expensive mandate that doesn’t do squat except steal from the consumer.


Instapundit notes that ABC and CBS haven’t mentioned the arrest of the Obama donor who was targeting Eric Cantor’s family for violence. That’s because it’s only a crime when violence is directed at liberals. When it is directed at conservatives it is a public service. They don’t mention garbage men picking up the trash either do they?

Ace of Spades – Palin’s idea to elect veterans to congress is a great one. In general I agree that more veterans should be elected, but electing someone simply because they are a veteran is a horrible, horrible idea. Cases in point – Wesley Clark, John Kerry, John Murtha. I could go one but I think the point is made. Besides that there is no guarantee that a) veterans are any better leaders than the people currently being elected (anyone who has served knows how many bad leaders there are in the service) or b) any more honest than anyone else. All other things being equal military service would be an excellent tie-breaker but as a sole qualification I have to say no.

Bring the Heat Bring the Stupid jumps on the Yvonne Strahovski bandwagon.

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