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It’s always the intellectuals who get behind the oppressor first.

March 27, 2010

Jeff Goldstein – “It is an Orwellian world in which we live when fucking novelists want to distance themselves from those who criticize the government. “

I find nothing surprising about this. Throughout history intellectuals have often been the most politically repressive people. In the context of today’s society I would say it is because they view themselves as “speaking truth to power” the key word there being “truth”. They are telling the truth so anything else must be a lie and should be suppressed. Talk about Orwellian – the very phrase “Truth to power” co-opts the idea that their opponents can have a valid point. We on the right would be smart to steal that phrase from the left but that will never happen.

Think I’m wrong? Observe a debate between a conservative and a liberal on Global Warming. Most conservatives will talk about bad science and poor interpretations of data and so forth. Most liberals will talk about Denialists in the pay of “Big Oil” lying about the science. Right now all the evidence of lying and poor science points towards the AGW supporters but that won’t stop them. (like everything there are exceptions but this hold broadly true in my experience).


-FMJRA linkbacks-

Curses! Foiled Again! and The Daley Gator both linked me on the immediate reaction to the passage of Health Care Reform.

So did Dustbury

The Classic Liberal linked my plea for more hits. (and to everyone who responded – Thank You)


In my opinion this will be the true test for Iraq – If the Sunni’s can form a coalition government then Iraq has truly reemerged as a country. If they do America definitely wins in the long run. We may never be best friends with Iraq but we will have another democracy to work with in the Middle East.

Major First Amendment Victory: Federal Appeals Court Unanimously Strikes Down Limits on Political Speech – Good news? I say yes even though it will free George Soros and his friends to wreak even more havoc.

The Seattle Times supports the states lawsuit against Health Care Reform

Obama disses Israeli Prime Minister over peace process, two days later Israel invades Gaza. Coincidence? You decide.

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  1. majorscarlet permalink
    March 27, 2010 10:00 am

    they aren’t really intellectuals.. they are lazy thinkers masquerading as intellectuals.

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