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Tolerance thy name is – well it isn’t Itawamba County Mississippi…

March 11, 2010

Constance McMillen said she didn’t want to go back the day after the Itawamba County school board’s decision, but her father told her she needed to face her classmates, teachers and school officials.

“My daddy told me that I needed to show them that I’m still proud of who I am,” McMillen told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. “The fact that this will help people later on, that’s what’s helping me to go on.”

The district announced Wednesday it wouldn’t host the April 2 prom. The decision came after the American Civil Liberties Union told officials a policy banning same-sex prom dates violated students’ rights. The ACLU said the district not letting McMillen wear a tuxedo violated her free expression rights.

This was probably the right choice, this way none of the other students will catch the gay and civilization won’t crumble from two girls kissing. Dumbasses.



GS at Honesty in Motion seems to be a little grouchy today. He probably has a reason seeing how he is getting ready for the Army.

Professor Jacobson discusses Scott Brown’s worrisome votes –

I understand that some people were upset when Scott Brown voted for the $15 billion “jobs” bill in February.

Brown’s voting for cloture on the $140 billion spending bill earlier this week, although he voted against the bill on the merits, also was worrisome


No Scott Brown, and we already would have had Obamacare, probably larded up with even more spending and government control.

With Scott Brown, we still have a fighting chance to stop the worst piece of legislation “since the Great Depression.”

I’d rather still be fighting. And talking.

I started reading the book Patriots by James Rawles – What a bore. I made it to about page 15 when the character was inventorying MRE’s in excruciating detail before I fell asleep. Thank God Barnes and Noble has a return policy.

Interesting tidbit – This book was originally written in the 1990’s apparently all he did for the 2009 edition was add a glossary. Kind of interesting that this books is considered a harbringer of modern times but it has been kicking around for almost 20 years. His ability to prognosticate would seem limited. Rawles was apparently a big Y2K guy also.


Echoes of Darwin

A new study that draws on more than 100 years of archived bird specimens reveals that forest fragmentation is causing rapid evolution in North American songbirds,


Why is forest fragmentation causing the songbirds’ wing shape to evolve? The need to mate.


According to the MSNBC article, “There is what’s called ‘selective pressure’ on birds to travel farther — from forest fragment to forest fragment — in order to find their one and only. Birds that can do this better tend to succeed in mating and pass on their more efficient mate-searching traits — in this case pointier wings — to their offspring.”

Climategate: Three of the Four Temperature Datasets Now Irrevocably Tainted
? This is what happens when everything operates behind closed doors.

Thomas Jefferson removed from textbook discussing the enlightenment (approx 1637 to 1800) and replaced with Thomas Aquinas (d. 1274) makes sense to me.

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  1. Portlandic permalink
    March 11, 2010 6:44 pm

    Blogfodder: How to use tech to beat terrorism

  2. Portlandic permalink
    March 11, 2010 6:58 pm

    And, more blogfodder: A simplified explanation of EMP. What Would Kim Jong-Il Do?

  3. xbradtc permalink
    March 11, 2010 7:42 pm

    Hundreds of teenaged boys were crushed that they wouldn’t get to see some hawt girl on girl…

    On the other hand, that really is smack in the middle of the Bible Belt.

  4. Portlandic permalink
    March 12, 2010 4:29 am

    Stacking up the blogfodder:

    Physiotype is what you’ve got.
    Karyotype is what your genes have.
    Gender is what your brain has.
    Sex is what you want to be having.

    From a post on gene-mosaic chickens on /.

  5. Portlandic permalink
    March 12, 2010 11:55 am shows some severe dumbness about TG folks. Be outraged. Very outraged.


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