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Damning with faint praise

February 24, 2010

The New Republic writes a laudatory piece on Marco Rubio’s CPAC speech comparing it to the inspirational speeches of Barack Obama.

Rubio never talked about Republicans and Democrats. His speech hovered above partisanship. Instead, he talked about “those who haven’t seen it this way. … They think that we need a guardian class in American government to protect us from ourselves. They think that the free-enterprise system is unfair, that a few people make a lot of money, and the rest of us get left behind. They believe that the only way business can make its money is by exploiting its workers and its customers. And they think that America’s enemies exist because of something America did to earn their enmity.”


Rubio isn’t the first politician to use this kind of appeal: Barack Obama and Bill Clinton blended biography and political vision in their successful presidential campaigns. But Rubio has taken their method and used it to promote a very conservative rather than a liberal or progressive agenda. And he has done it in such a way that never really spells out what the specific agenda is. Does he think global warming is a hoax? Does he think the stimulus cost jobs rather than created them? He never said one way or the other, but his conservative audience was somehow led to believe that, like them, he held these views.

Talk about damning with faint praise. They might as well have said that Rubio eats babies and rapes 10 pre-teen girls before breakfast every morning in order to maintain his manly vigor. The intent is the same to cast Rubio in a poor light. Not being a Florida voter and finding the nationalizing of races ‘ala Scott Brown to be a little less than productive I haven’t been paying any attention to Rubio v. Crist but I may need to send Rubio a small donation now.



Despite TARP and Stimulus Banks still aren’t lending. The answer? Give them more money. Another possibility – take bank presidents out one by one and shot them until loans start flowing again. I’m not advocating it just saying it would work. (hopefully everyone realizes that was a joke.)

Who could have guessed that Muslim Student associations might be funded by Islamist groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood? Certainly not I. 😛



Jimmy Carter not a fan of Obama’s foreign policy.

CNN has a new poll

  • Sixty-seven percent of respondents say GOP not doing enough to help President Obama
  • Fifty-two percent say Obama is not doing enough to cooperate with GOP, poll says
  • Fifty-four percent say Democrats should take the first step toward bipartisan solutions

Not really sure what that means for the Party of No option.

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