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Not at home

February 9, 2010


If you don’t know, I have been unemployed for awhile. Yesterday I flew down to San Fransisco for a job interview. I will be home later this afternoon, hopefully with good news, and I will start posting again. In the meantime I was asked to pass something on by Portlandic, who is a regular commenter here –

On the subject of Haitian relief: We’re conservatives, right? Therefore, since we believe voluntarism works, we have an ethical obligation to *make* it work by volunteering our time to make it work. So, I answer phones at Red Cross one day a week while working on other projects, and the all-time number one reason to call has been folks wanting to donate onesy-twosy small quantities of objects to be cleaned (you would not believe how some folks don’t clean what they donate), packaged, described, boxed, and shipped, each taking up time and money better spent elsewhere. So, we don’t accept small donations; although, if you have a semi-trailer of stuff Haiti asks for, we’re all over that donation like white on rice.

Therefore, I was pleased as punch to see this Brit-blogger’s succinct explanation of the issue:

Please help relief orgs spread the word that we *have* to decline for *really* good reasons by circulating this post, either here or to just one more conservative.

Also – I know that I have been added to a couple blogrolls lately. I will reciprocate. To be honest I have wanted to see a couple days postings before I did. I accidentally linked to what I would consider a white supremicist blog earlier because I only looked a a couple postings and I want to make sure to avoid the same mistake. I’m sure you guys understand 🙂

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  1. Portlandic permalink
    February 13, 2010 12:12 am

    I’ll light a candle for ya, kiddo. Break a leg.


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