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These guys get passes today…

February 5, 2010

President Obama for calling a Hospital Corpsman a corpse-man. It’s a stupid mistake and it’s insulting but I also served with nurses who would make the same mistake daily. One I served with for two years and I don’t think I ever heard her pronounce the word correctly. What’s more insulting to me is Obama using the guy to make a point about a political agenda that I am willing to bet he wouldn’t have supported. It is also insulting that he can’t bother to get the rank correct. It’s Hospitalman (or Hospital 3rd Class / 2nd Class etc. if you are a Petty Officer), but I doubt anyone in Obama’s inner circle who makes these stories up writes these speeches has ever been in the military so how would they know?

Thanks to XBradTC for the heads up on this.

The other one is the “moderate” Muslim teacher from Houston who is all over Fox News today. He apparently instructed a 16 day class in Houston, which the underwear bomber attended. A group which keeps track of radical Islamist has released a tape of him talking at some symposium in DC praising Sharia law over the Constitution and Democracy. Ordinarily I would be condemning this guy but the parts I have heard sound like they were taken out of context. The end is so clipped that I just think there is more so he gets a pass until I hear the rest of what he said.


Honesty in Motion has some news on the new missile defense system.

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