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Will they get the message this time?

February 1, 2010

The race to fill President Obama’s old Senate seat has heated-up and the Republican candidate is within two points of the leading Democrat candidate. That candidate has some recently revealed ethics issues that promise to make things difficult, so it’s quite possible the GOP could pick up the seat. If they do (and it is far from certain there are still 10 months to the election) and the GOP picks up the other seats that it is predicted to gain this fall will the White House get the message or will they continue to try and pass it off as anger at President Bush like they did with Scott Brown?

From what I have seen they won’t get the message.


Ah – sweet schadenfreude

Clark Hoyt of the NY Times has to attack the journalists who wrote Game Change in order to defend Maureen Dowd from claims that she acted unethically in writing a column in which David Geffen attacked the Clintons.

You know it had to kill him – If the book got the stuff about Maureen Dowd wrong then what did it get wrong about Sarah Palin. How can he say with a straight face “Well it got all that stuff about Dowd and Elizabeth Edwards wrong but it was spot on as far as that dummy Palin goes.” I’m sure the NY Times will try and find a way but they have undercut the major thrust of the book now.


Is Obama’s pledge to double US exports doable? Only if the dollar drops to nothing or the Yuan rises sharply according to Newsweek’s Michael Freedman.

Ahmadinejad says Iran will deal a harsh blow to “global arrogance” on Feb. 11. My guess is they bought a nuke from North Korea and they will detonate it to make the world think they have developed their own. Smoke and Mirrors but scary smoke and mirrors.


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