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Want to be like Ellie Light and make your thoughts known?

January 26, 2010

Organizing for America has kindly provided a forum. As near as I can tell you can write anything you want and they will shuffle it off to all the papers in your local area. We should take them up on their kind offer to make our voices heard.



Mudville Gazette has more on the Ellie Light story, including the medias response when soldiers sent similar letters to their hometown papers detail successes in Iraq.


Fox News is also talking about the letters now.


Obama is probably going to try and prop up his standing in the gay community by talking about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the State of the Union address tomorrow. I expect it will be the usual talk no action thing.

Paul Krugman joins the Obama f’ed upped bandwagon

What is clear, however, is that the Obama economic team didn’t see themselves as being in that position. All indications are that the top people believed that the economy would start adding jobs and unemployment would start falling fairly quickly even without a big stimulus. I don’t know why they hadn’t taken on board the lessons of the past two recessions, plus that of financial crises elsewhere, but they clearly hadn’t.

Instead, the administration played it safe — or thought it was playing it safe. Moderate-sized stimulus, non-disruptive bank policy.


In any case, at this point I don’t see much hope of a policy turnaround. The best bet is to pass health care, so that Obama has something to show for his efforts (and also to provide health care!), and hope that the economy turns around in time to help Obama in 2012.

Interesting set of priorities there Dr. Krugman, getting someone incompetent (as you just spelled out in your article) and then actually providing health care. Shouldn’t that be reversed? I know the response will be “Well you’re no better. You just want the status quo.” Not true. I want something that will actually bring down costs, and we already know what works there HMO’s. An expanded HMO system is the only way to reduce medical costs and really is the only reform I will support.


The big threat now isn’t that Obama’s policies will destroy the economy or lead far down the path to socialism. It’s that they will lead to the election of Sarah Palin as President which for some is too horrible to contemplate.


Ron Paul on Glenn Beck – Military looking for more wars to fight. (Beck agrees) CIA has staged a coup (Beck disagrees) CIA is supporting itself through drug deals and other illicit businesses while Federal Reserve lends them money to commit assassinations. (Beck appears to agree).

Beck really needs to be sent to the outer darkness, unfortunately I can’t fire him.

Rush Limbaugh – I am a very bad person. And, to tell you the truth, I don’t really want to be alive anymore.

Not really. One of the unfunniest pieces of “satire” I have ever seen. Someone at the Onion has some serious personal issues.

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