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Obama plans to get combative

January 19, 2010

Memeorandum is almost completely about the Brown / Coakley race this morning. At this point it appears that Brown is going to win., who correctly predicted all 35 Senate races in 2008 has Brown as a 3:1 favorite, although there is a lot of hedging in their prediction. In response the administration has made it clear that if Brown is elected they intend get more combative with congress

President Barack Obama plans a combative response if, as White House aides fear, Democrats lose Tuesday’s special Senate election in Massachusetts, close advisers say.

“This is not a moment that causes the president or anybody who works for him to express any doubt,” a senior administration official said. “It more reinforces the conviction to fight hard.”


“The response will not be to do incremental things and try to salvage a few seats in the fall,” a presidential adviser said. “The best political route also happens to be the boldest rhetorical route, which is to go out and fight and let the chips fall where they may. We can say, ‘At least we fought for these things, and the Republicans said no.’”

Good, because nothing says we are in touch with the voters like pushing the same agenda even harder after losing two governorships and a Senate seat held by Democrats for 60+ years while watching the President’s poll numbers tank to levels it took George Bush 6 years to achieve like more of the same.


Jack Bauer is back and Clyde Haberman is already complaining about torture, although the only torture I have witnessed so far is Chloe’s constant whining about no one taking her seriously, and the fact that CTU is forcing a guy who obviously has severe breathing problems to run the equivalent of the NY Marathon every hour. Poor Jack sounds like he can’t catch his breath when he’s doing nothing more strenous than talking to his daughter. How long until he suffers heart failure? The where will we be?

Oh I take it back they did arrest a reporter and subject her to the harsh interrogation technique of screaming “Tell us the truth” at her. Someone notify Amnesty International.

(Note- According to the LA Times Renee Walker cut the hand off a Russian Mobster in order to get information, but who among us hasn’t done that? Actually I missed that part it must have been when I went to get more wine now I have to go to the DVR for detailed analysis.)

As an aside what happened to Elisha Cuthbert? Her ass looks huge in those jeans? I didn’t notice at first but Mr. X did (pig 😛 ). As soon as he started to say something I was like OMG what happened to her butt. Bad costuming I hope.

Honesty In Motion apparently really likes the Book of Eli – “See it. Now. It is easily the greatest movie that I have seen. Ever.”

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