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FMJRA Saturday

January 16, 2010

Nation of Cowards , The Classic Liberal, and The Other McCain all linked the 25 girls who never get speeding tickets

Silent Running followed up on my post about the leftie outrage resulting from Jon Stewart’s interview of John Yoo.

Dustbury noted my confusion regarding where the line on liberal Republicans is drawn.


Honesty in Motion has some thoughts on Haiti. I like this idea –

I also agree with The Confederate Yankee, in that we should convert some Tarawa-class amphibious assault ships into rapid-relief platforms as opposed to retiring them.

although I would staff them with civilian crews like the hospital ships.

First we elect Brown then we get rid of Boxer? That would be a very good year 🙂 If only we could get rid of Patty Murray too.

A lack of geeks? More like a lack of motivation by the parents and schools I think. John Lunde writes to Instapundit –

This is something I foresaw when home computers quit being shipped with BASIC: seduced a generation. When finding out if programming is interesting costs a couple of hundred dollars up front (and weighs seven pounds), though, not many will try. Not that it has to be BASIC, of course, but there ought to be some ‘easy’ language supplied with home computers to inveigle potential geeks.

I disagree. This is only a problem if someone wants it to be. Javascript doesn’t require anything beyond a browser and a text editor. Python and Java are both freely available (and free even). Even QBasic is still available as a download. The problem is that computers have gone from being something semi-mysterious and a serious business tool to being something you carry around in your pocket. There isn’t any real wonder left to them and so kids don’t explore them like they used to.

Other options if your kids are into games are Lua which is is used in World of Warcraft and Linden Scripting Language in Second Life (of course in Second Life you have to watch them constantly so they don’t fall in with furry gorean slavers. Keep them in the kid friendly areas.)

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  1. Liz permalink
    January 17, 2010 8:03 am

    I know this is most likely a really stupid question, but what does FMJRA mean?


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