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An emergency solar still design

January 15, 2010

Bill Quick had a post in which he was discussing distilling sea water in an emergency in which he complained about the amount of fuel it would require. We got into a little tiff over the use of a solar oven in which I mentioned I had come up with a design for a solar still. He asked for a sketch but when I tried to post it I got a comments closed message. I am posting it here so if anyone wants to take a gander they can. This is by no means a perfect design but it easy to build with materials that are pretty easy to get hold of. It won’t support a village but it can be kept going constantly.

Note: I see now that Bill doesn’t want me to post. Whatever.

Oh I was going to post these Wood Gas Generator plans to his SHTF wikibook site but forget that whoever wants them can come here to get them.

Another Note: I am in no way claiming this is an original design. Just one that could be built with items I could lay my hands on quickly.

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