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Rule 5 Sunday – A blast from the past

January 3, 2010

Reaganite bad boy Steve Dallas. Berkley Breathed intended him as a jab at conservatives but I always thought he was one of the funniest characters in Bloom County.

The second half this week was tough. As you have probably noticed I like to try and link my rule 5ers in some way so I though about another comic strip character and just about had it narrowed down, via a google search, to Power Girl and Big Barda. I don’t have any real idea who either of these characters are, I don’t read comics, but they seem to lead the polls. She Hulk and Rogue were up there too.

I had finally narrowed my choice down to Power Girl when I looked at my blog stats – Denise Milani has climbed back into top searches. Dilemma do I stand on principle or give the readers what they want?

Actually I decided to do both –

Power Girl

Denise Milani

and I can link all three. Both Denise and Steve have cities in their last names and if you dye Denise’s hair blonde she could play Power Girl in a movie. Ta-Da.


Charles Johnson is outrageously outraged again Little Miss Attila and Cynthia Yockey have the story. Personally I think that if you look hard enough you can see some racism in the photo, but you have to look hard and skip past all the other possible meanings first.

Curses Foiled Again
picks up on the body-scanner issues and goes a bit further –

One weakness – if I understand the system right – is that it doesn’t penetrate skin. Now imagine a really fat terrorist, and what he could hide in his folds. (I apologize profusely for that disturbing mental image.) We absolutely need a defense in depth strategy, and it is going to have to include some form of profiling.

Disturbing mental image is right – ick. Now I will be wondering about all the fat people at the airport.

Dustbury looks at the unintended irony of newspaper names. News-Free Press Ha!

Legal Insurrection looks at the underwear bomber issue and comes to some of the same conclusions I did

Barack Obama is playing politics over the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack and Republicans sense he is weak on the issue, writes Toby Harnden in Washington


China’s Toxic Debts

To power its supposedly miraculous economic recovery, China’s banks shelled out $1.2 trillion in new loans in the first half of 2009. That makes for a potential tidal wave of toxic debts weighing down bank balance sheets, especially because much of the money went to stock-market and real-estate speculation. At the same time, the government’s investment-focused stimulus policies created more factories–but did little to boost anemic household spending.

This sounds a little familiar – after thinking about it for a minute I realized I had posted something similar a couple months ago.

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  1. November 22, 2010 2:08 am

    i love those eyes of amber heard, they are very beautiful and she got a very sexy body too `”*


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