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FMJRA Saturday – Holiday Terrorist Attack Edition

December 26, 2009

Before I get to the plethora of last weeks links – I think I am going to go out on a limb and encourage people who are traveling to be extra-cautious in the wake of yesterdays apparent terror incident. I’m not going to say that the attacker is al-Qaeda. Apparently the FBI has doubts. However on the chance he is its seems that historically single attacks are not their style. So be careful.

On the same subject Ace notes an unforgivable delay in notify the President. I don’t think that Obama can be personally blamed for the delay, but the attitude of his administration since day one has been that terrorism is not really a threat and that attitude seems to have permeated the system.

Lots more here.

To the links –

Daily Pundit linked twice. The first time picking up on the mathematical modeling of terrorist attack patterns, and again
for noting the efforts of Global Warming supporters to influence opinion by maintaining a death grip on editing Wikipedia.

Dustbury also linked twice. Once regarding the new FAA regulations on passenger delays (Deplane! Deplane! was a great title), and again for my not so subtle hints for last minute Christmas gifts 🙂

When I clarified about the two Cory Eversons The Classic Liberal Linked as did a Nation of Cowards, and The Other McCain.

The Other McCain also linked regarding the Patterico / Protein Wisdom fight.


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