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What’s going on at Ace of Spades?

December 9, 2009

Threats of bannings and a 2200 comment thread. I couldn’t read them all. It seems like someone said something pretty vile and Ace decided to take action which then spurred a few commenters to try and defend their right to be bigots.

Speaking of vile – Little Miss Attila points to an utterly mendacious review of the architecture of the new Bush presidential library

The one interior rendering I have seen promises a soberly granitic foyer, whose ceiling is pierced by a banistered oculus that looks as though it might be quite fun. As with most architectural renderings these days, this one includes a few humans, but in a way that is inadvertently humorous. Overwhelmingly male and entirely pale, they look, in their buttoned down ties and gray suits, like the living equivalent of the building itself. You could well believe that they are on their way to an editorial meeting of The Wall Street Journal. And you already know for whom they voted in the past 20 presidential elections.


I have to wonder is the reviewer blind or just stupid? In the picture in question I count 17 people. 6 of them women, 2 appear African-American. In terms of the general population women are slightly underrepresented and African-Americans are slightly overrepresented. Despite the reviewers insinuations I see no one in a white hood with a burning cross.

This is incredibly unfair to George W. Bush who despite whatever misgivings you have about his policies (and I had a few) is a profoundly decent person as revealed by this anecdote –

Louise Casselman, who was at that White House Yale reunion with her husband, Kirk Casselman and a Bay Area contingent, says that although Yale was still all-male in 1968, one alum has since had a sex-change operation. “You might remember me as Peter when we left Yale,” said the woman upon coming face to face with the president. George W. didn’t pause for a moment, reports Casselman, grabbed the alumna’s hand, and said “Now you’ve come back as yourself.”

an even better measure would be to look at what his daughters have done. Despite a rough start with the press they have mainly maintained low profiles and pursued careers in public service –

Jenna taught in Washington DC, worked with UNICEF in Panama and now writes childrens books and works as a reading coordinator for the Baltimore Maryland school district.

Barbara – Worked with AIDS patients in Africa, currently works for a global health charity and a Smithsonian affiliated museum.

Other former first children have instead decided to go to work for evil hedge funds and destroy the worlds economy or spend their time hanging out with Abbie Hoffman.


Another Black Conservative takes a look at Sarah Palin’s op-ed addressing the Copenhagen climate summit.

A look at how temperature data is adjusted by climate researchers


A People’s History of the United States coming to the History Channel and a school near you. I’m sure it will be riveting. Hopefully someone will stand-up to this nonsense.

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  1. Portlandic permalink
    December 10, 2009 11:08 am

    Good piece on NPR (!) last night
    where Texan organizers are organizing a Dallas Tea Party, and doing it right.

    They’re following Heinlein’s political manual
    and organizing, zip code by zip code, to boost conservative turnout.

    They’re also not endorsing candidates, but instead will simply publish scorecards on candidates based on conservative values.


  1. AGW data faked? « A Conservative Shemale

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