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December 4, 2009

Ace of Spades takes on the Sarah Palin is a birth theme –

Palin’s Statement on the Birth Certificate is Fine… And Sorta Empty. Which is Feature, Not a Bug.

If you care, what she said pretty much tracks with my own statements: No, I don’t believe he was born in Kenya, no, I don’t believe there is some massive conspiracy, but yes, people have a right to know these things for a fact and not a belief, and yes, he’s being sketchy about this for whatever reason, and yes, people have the right to ask questions and demand proof.

I think it’s an empty thing to ask for proof since the thing is already well-proven. But no one else has to accept my personal evidentiary standard. And given that this mystery (well, not-really-a-mystery) is entirely within Obama’s power to solve by signing a simple form requesting that Hawaii release his long form, I think it’s fair to ask him to do so.

Pretty much my thinking too. People have a right to verify the credentials of candidates for elective office. I think this is a completely stupid conspiracy theory but I am not in a position to tell anyone what to believe.


Dustbury has Tyra Banks in a $3,000,000 bra. Why pay $3,000,000 for something the guy just wants to rip off with his teeth anyway. A good quality $50 bra is going to do the job perfectly well and you can invest the other $2,999,950 (or buy a lot more bras for even more fun). 😀

Legal Insurrection notes that Andrew Sullivan agrees with Sarah Palin (will wonders never cease). Countdown to Charles Johnson denouncing Andrew Sullivan as a Bigoted Fascist Homophobe Flat Earther starts now…

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