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December 3, 2009

Charles Johnson a sock-puppeter?

But here’s the rub, and the truly psychotic thing about this: there’s a “Bandemonium” thread on a funny little blog, where banned LGFers gather to laugh at CJ and bemoan how the community has splintered there. But there are more than a few previously obsessive posters who claim that hard-core CJ suck-ups are none other than alters (sockpuppets) for CJ himself: he has accidentally posted obviously as the site owner, forgetting to log off the sockpuppet accounts, then quickly deleting the comment, but not before these constant reloaders saw it. You troll your own comments threads 24/7 like he does, posting repeatedly as many different people, it’s bound to happen. And it has, many, many times.

The madness of King Charles might be deeper than you think. He crowed about getting 6k pagehits yesterday like it was an Instalanche. Our site is FAR from a top-shelf righty blog, and we get 2k-2.5k pagehits a day. And we don’t allow comments: he has an active comment community who must reload dozens of times EACH many times a day.

I have seen the numerous deleted comments in the threads at Little Green Footballs. I just assumed that they were people who had disagreed with Johnson, perhaps I was wrong. Wouldn’t it be funny if he ended up with one of his sock-puppets disagreeing with his post and he ended up having to ban himself? If I was energetic I would write a script to grab the page every second or so and then do a page compare and catch him at the puppetry but honestly who cares?

Rupert Murdoch – Content Thief. Quick everyone send him DMCA takedown notices accusing him of infringing.


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