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FMJRA 14 – The Death of New Brian

November 28, 2009

Got the always apperciated Sunday morning link from The Classic Liberal as well as a mention in The Other McCain’s Rule 5 round up

I need to mention here that I don’t always agree with The Classic Liberals take on things but he has good taste in his rule 5 choices.

Dustbury agreed with my criticism of Fox News. – Let me say again they really need to get their shit together. When you make the kind of boneheaded mistakes they have been making lately you just make it easy for critics to come after you.

Once again if I missed you let me know. I will update the post and as always I appreciate the linkage.


Ralph Nader may run for Senate. He is considering challenging Chris Dodd (D-CT)

The International Criminal Court is trying to assert jurisdiction over American soldiers. Of course the Obama administration will let them.

Draft Dick Cheney? Sounds good to me 🙂 Cheney / Palin 🙂

Daily Pundit – some damaging comments from CRU’s computer code. Weighing and corrections are a part of doing business with large data sets but when the words purported and VERY ARTIFICIAL appear in the comments of the code you have a problem.

Dustbury discusses beer-snobs – I am an MGD girl myself (on the (very) rare occasions when I go for something stronger the I switch to Bud with Wild Turkey). I hate bitter beer of any sort. I guess that makes me one of the unsophisticated proles.

The Other McCain discusses booze blogging
, which inspired dustbury’s post about beer.

discusses the scientific method and the fact that the reproduce by others seems to be absent from the experiments demonstrating the existence of global warming.

Now for the videos. With all the stuff that’s been going on with the climate change e-mails from the CRU and NWIA this bit from the family guy seemed oddly appropriate.


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