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Palin on Oprah

November 17, 2009

What did you guys think? I don’t think she hurt herself any, but I don’t think she helped much either. It was a wash.

Over at Memeorandum I found a review of Going Rogue that kind of sums up the attitude I am perceiving –

Like a lot of people, as soon as I got my copy of Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue,” I immediately thought of the German literary critic Hans Robert Jauss.

Jauss is known as the father of critical reception theory. According to Jauss, every book is read in a social context. In his view, the reader’s attitudes, beliefs, values and judgments are just as important as the text. Sometimes more.


Through no fault of her own, Sarah Palin has become a sort of political lens, refracting the different ways conservatives and liberals see the world. To her supporters, she is, as she puts it, a “common-sense conservative” who isn’t afraid to make moral judgments. To her detractors, she’s a moronic zealot who has no place in American public life. The two interpretations are concrete. “Going Rogue” won’t do much to change any minds. But for what it reveals about our current political culture, Hans Robert Jauss would say it can’t be beat.


(Some) proof of Continetti’s conclusions can be found just by going through the related articles at Memeorandum.

Andrew Sullivan – hated her during the campaign, obviously still despises her. If she came out tomorrow and announced that in her spare time she had cured cancer and invented a car that runs on the universal ether he would still proclaim her a brain-dead Barbie who faked the pregnancy of her last child.

OK, I can’t prove it now. I had a counterbalancing link to Sullivan’s review but memeorandum updated and I lost it so I am changing my thesis to Some proof. 😛

Speaking of Palin – Today’s Wall Street Journal “The Rationing Commission, Meet the unelected body that will dictate future medical decisions.”

Like most of Europe, the various health bills stipulate that Congress will arbitrarily decide how much to spend on health care for seniors every year—and then invest an unelected board with extraordinary powers to dictate what is covered and how it will be paid for. White House budget director Peter Orszag calls this Medicare commission “critical to our fiscal future” and “one of the most potent reforms.”


But a decade from now, such limits are off—which also happens to be roughly the time when ObamaCare’s spending explodes. The hard budget cap means there is only so much money to be divvied up for care, with no account for demographic changes, such as longer life spans, or for the increasing incidence of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions.

Sounds a little like Palin’s “Death Panels” doesn’t it?

Found the positive review It’s so over the top I almost think it’s satire so you can kind of see what I mean.

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