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Election Day

November 3, 2009

My local races were pretty blah except for two – I-1033, an initiative to limit government revenue increases to the rate of inflation or population growth unless specifically approved by voters, and R-71 a resolution to approve an expansion of domestic partnership laws to be fully equivalent to marriage.

I voted no on I-1033. Not because I don’t believe in limiting revenue growth but because I don’t Washington to become even more like California. In California it is almost impossible to get a workable budget because voters approve spending increases and revenue cutters at the same time. I have read that well over 50% of the budget is now allocated by imitative there effectively tying the legislatures hands when it comes time to create a budget. To make matters worse they can’t raise the revenue the voters have directed them to spend. My personal preference would be for voters to stop approving things like automatic teacher pay-raises and mandatory funding for the pet project of the moment. That isn’t likely to happen soon so I am not going to limit the legislatures ability to adapt to what the voters say they want. Even if it is stupid. It’s a conundrum but I believe that if you are going to be stupid you have to live with the consequences.

R-71 I voted to approve for the obvious reasons.

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