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Maybe it’s possible to be too successful as a blogger – Wired Magazine “The Troubles of Korea’s Influential Economic Pundit”

October 29, 2009

Until the day he was outed, the most influential commentator on South Korea’s economy lived the life of a nobody. Park Dae-Sung owned a small apartment in a middle-class neighborhood of Seoul and freelanced part-time at a telecom company. Thirty years old, he still hoped to earn a four-year degree in economics. In the mornings, he would bicycle to the public library to study for the university entrance exam. His standard uniform was slacks, loafers, and wrinkle-free button-down shirts, as though he were going to work in an office. But with his slightly chubby moon face, glasses, and neatly parted hair, he easily blended in among the rows of students. While they worked through school assignments, he immersed himself in the text of his chosen profession.

Park blogged under the identity of Minerva and developed a huge following. After challenging the press and the government on economic pronouncements he was outed by the forum where he contributed, imprisioned for 103 days and tried for contributing to South Korea’s economic collapse through false rumors. You have to feel for the poor guy but I guess this is the price of success? (at least in South Korea)


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