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Glenn Beck makes a plea for third parties

October 27, 2009

Good or Bad?

Like many I wish that the current crop of Republican’s was more conservative fiscally, and would just stay out of my business otherwise, but this has been tried before and failed. Roosevelt in 1912 threw the election to Wilson, Perot in ’92 threw it to Clinton, and many would argue that Nader in 2000 threw the presidency to Bush. Is this what we are after?

I wasn’t blogging, or even commenting much, during the last election but a variant of this same thing was at play then. A lot of conservatives said they were going to sit out the election or vote 3rd party to teach the Republicans a lesson. Losing would be good and would usher in a new Reagan revolution –

During the campaign, disgruntled Republicans often said it would be better to have Obama in office, showing everyone just how horrible Democrat policies are, than tolerate a RINO like McCain pushing the same policies in low gear, with bipartisan fingerprints. Glenn Beck’s slap at McCain is a retroactive expression of the idea that conservatism is just one crushing defeat away from total victory. Anyone who thought it was worth putting Obama in office, as some kind of object lesson for the American voter, gravely underestimated the amount of damage he could do. Look at how far we’ve sailed past the edge of fiscal sanity, in only nine months. It would take decades of careful, moderate reform just to get us back to where George Bush left us… and that wasn’t exactly an enviable position. Freedom is an endless voyage, while tyranny has far too many points of no return. The course we steered away from President McCain has taken us perilously close to those terminal waters.

I didn’t understand that theory then – I don’t really understand it now. I don’t think Reagan would have either. Look at who his running mate was in Bush ’41, who did he endorse in ’88? Bush ’41. look at his record as Governor of California, or his signing of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. Reagan understood politics and that was what made him successful. Sometimes he had to compromise but he always tried to move to the conservative position.

The Other McCain would probably strongly disagree with me – he may be right. Electing Hoffman in NY-23 may be the turning point that is needed to start putting the brakes on health care reform, cap and trade, financial sector reform, etc, but that seems a lot to read into one race. Or even three races, counting the two governorships that are up for grabs.

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