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From the “Are you serious?” files

October 24, 2009

Nancy Pelosi questioned on the Constitution – responds with “Are you serious?”

ACORN to be involved in financial regulation? OMG, can congress get any stupider? (that’s rhetorical – of course they can)

Megan McCardle doesn’t understand why Obama’s poll numbers are dropping and why American’s are starting to disbelieve Antropogenic Global Warming theories. Her conclusion – Basically that Americans are stupid. My conclusions –
First, Obama was elected largely because he came off as a nice charismatic guy who wanted to “heal” the country. He has been revealed to be an egotistical jackass who is mainly concerned with Chicago style politics. Second, It’s cold as hell outside. It’s snowing in September in the northern tier states. Dow you think that might have something to do with a decrease in the belief of AGW?


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