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Hannah Giles uninterrupted

October 21, 2009

Last month (only a month?) The Other McCain mercilessly teased everyone with promises of photos Hannah Giles in a bikini but never came through. (There is probably a scientific term for that but I can’t think of it) and worse Little Miss Attila joined in. You just know guys were having aneurysms from all the teasing. Well guys I can’t bring you bikini shots but I can bring you nearly 3 minutes of uninterrupted Hannah.

Now that I have satiated your lustful desires tell your friends I need 450 hits by the end of the month to hit 10000 views. (At this rate in another 1980 months I will have a million views.)

I should point out I wasn’t searching for this video I was just trying to figure out what the music in the ACORN videos was, but I’m not proud I will resort to posting pictures of Hannah Giles for page views. Plus she is just too cute for words.

On the serious side – How is ACORN claiming that they threw Giles and O’Keefe out after a few minutes? At what point do real news organizations take a clue from the fakers at Fox and actually question some of ACORN’s claims.

Speaking of Fox – Red Eye still has Pinch the talking paper instead of the Obama cut-out I have suggested. Mr. Gutfeld tasks me! He tasks me! I am going to email again at some point my concerns will be addressed.

Update – I see Little Miss Attila now also has this video linked. I didn’t see it when I wrote this or I would have credited her.


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