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Lefty bloggers pissed at White House

October 13, 2009

Welcome to the club.

Sucks to be ignored, ridiculed and cut out of the debate doesn’t it. I would sympathize you but I know that it would never be reciprocated, and any stretching out of my hand would be treated as weakness. Like the rabbit hitching a ride on the back of the alligator.

Fashion break – Patti Ann Brown, please get a better pair of shoes. From the front those make your feet look like hooves and you are way too attractive for that. Alternatively have the cameraman shoot you from a more oblique angle.

Back to the news

Cynthia Yockey is upset with President Obama’s treatment of the LBGT community. So am I but I expected it after his statements during the campaign and his failure to take a stand on gay marriage in California.

Those wacky Germans. US Navy intercepts German cargo ship carrying 7 containers of ammo for AK-47s from Iran to Hezbollah.


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