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No more boobies?

October 4, 2009

How big a prude do you have to be to go through all the trouble of developing an iPhone app that will detect when an the display is turned upside down and censor the display of numbers such as 58008 and 5138008? I foresee a bleak future of humorless drones developing.

Speaking of humorless drones – Little Green Footballs takes on the Yamul Tree Ring Data. I just noticed that there is a tip jar request on that site. If everyone only donated a penny would that drive him into bankruptcy? I know that there is usually a processing fee for those types of things.

I wouldn’t say Berkley Breathed is a humorless drone but he certainly seems a little uptight in this LA Times article. It’s kind of sad, to me, that he feels this way. I loved Bloom County as a teenager. Yes it was opposed to everything that I believed in (except Heavy Metal) but it was so funny and fun as a strip. I need to find a job so I can afford the books. After reading this article though part of my Rule 5 problems are resolved – I present Steve Dallas


Honesty in Motion reviews Zombieland. High on my list of must sees.

Just a little sidebar here – Allison Camoraotta bothers me. I wish Fox News would replace her. Patti Ann Brown doesn’t seem to have a steady gig there, neither does Julie Banderas. Actually the entire weekend crew on Fox and Friends is weak. Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy and Patti Ann Brown should be given the show.

The female rule 5 was tough this week, but I decided that since I had done Daniel Craig from Casino Royale it was only fair to offer up Eva Green. Eva and Daniel together would have been better but I bunged that one up so –



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  1. genes permalink
    October 4, 2009 9:46 am

    Berkley thinks comics are dying out? He needs to go online and start reading webcomics many of them are better than anything he ever did. Both in art and content. Try to find links to many different comics, some NSFW.

  2. Portlandic permalink
    October 4, 2009 1:21 pm

    Sure WISH I could post this at Little Green Footballs; but, he isn’t accepting new posters. How I do love deconstructing Bad Science:


    Go read Briffa’s refutation

    of McIntyre’s critique of the ‘global warming’ data:

    A) Briffa admits “We have not yet had a chance to explore the details of McIntyre’s analysis or its implication for temperature reconstruction at Yamal…” which shows McIntyre’s critique of the data is still valid.

    B) Briffa does not address McIntyre’s finding that the cores used were cherry-picked.

    C) Briffa does not address the very small number of cores.

    Briffa, in short, tries to weasel around McIntyre’s analysis, but can’t.

    The yet-unproven global warming hypothesis is not strengthened by this blog entry.

    I’d also like to suggest the open-minded among you consider Bert Rutan’s refutation as well. Slide eight of his presentation to the EAA at this year’s Oshkosh convention
    shows clearly the current volume of CO2 is 3.62% of all greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and only 3.2% of the CO2 is man-made.

    Do the math; 0.0362 * 0.032 = less than 1/8 of one percent. No hypothesis has been set forth which justifies any claim that, even if we could reduce all human CO2 generation, that the reduction of 0.12% would stabilize climate change.

    However, there is proof of climate change; on Mars
    and Triton
    which suggests there is no, repeat, no anthropogenic global warming, that external forces are at play.

    Since Vinland once grew wine, and Greenland was once green, can’t we just accept that climate changes, and plan to adapt?

    One bright spot (sorry for the pun) is PG&E’s plans

    to buy renewable energy from space; decades of testing show beaming solar power works.

    Alongside Southern California Edison’s plans to make solar Sterling engine

    farms to generate power more reliably than windmills or ordinary solar cells

    and with far-more-efficient IV-generation nuclear plants

    we can replace filthy, deadly coal with clean power.


  1. Kristen Bell says End the Fed!

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